Rescue Pet mania match 3 – Rescue you pet from wild animal

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Download Rescue Pet Mania Match 3 for free now. It’s a free game.
This is a game-play type Match three (match 3) & Puzzle free games. Rescue Pet Mania Match 3 game is a wonderful entertainment which is simple and fascinating with near 300 challenge-able levels. If you like any match three crush mania puzzle game, you will surely like this free game. This is addictive and cool game that you should play in break time to relax and kill time. It is a free game forever.

How to play Rescue Pet Mania Match 3.
– Arrange 3 or more animals (elephant, leopard, snake, …) of the same face in straight or horizontal lines.
– The so cute pet (puppy) appears after all obstacles (colored boxes, ice, locks,…) are broken.
– Get the next level when the cute pet is moved to the bottom. It means you have to break all wild animals to rescue pet (cute puppy).
– In classic mode: you need to match three or more animals icons to get score. You have to play fast to get high score to pass levels. Try to reach as high level as you can.
Tips: the faster animal Icons you break the higher scores you get
Functions of Rescue Pet Mania Match 3:
– Nearly 300 different levels and will be update more, attractive, challenge-able levels
– Arrange 4 same wild animals icons which break automatically 1 obstacle by accident and a thump animal icons appears to destroy all animals in the same line.
– Arrange 5 same wild animals which break 2 obstacles by accident and a magic icons appears to destroy all animal icons in the same face.
– Break time wild animal icon (with clock icon) helps you have more time to play.
– Less moves you pass a level, higher score you’ll get. Can you score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?
– Many others effect, boost power.
– Some level is so difficult to pass, try your best to finish these levels.
– Two game modes: arcade (near 300 levels) and classic (endless training mode)
Features of Rescue Pet Mania Match 3:
– It is a free match three game that you should play to kill time.
– It is a arcade and puzzle free game type
– Easy and addictive match three (match3) game
– Nice and cool graphics, animal icons
– Many levels and type of match three game type
– You only can play a level if you have passed levels before.
– This game included many wild animal icons (elephant, leopard, snake, …), and they are so beautiful wild animal icons 🙂
– This is cool game with many nice effects.
– It is so fun game and free game forever like many other puzzle games.
– Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master all with strategic swiping!
Have more fun and wonderful relaxation with Rescue Pet Mania Match 3 – a free game – a fun game.
I like this interesting game, please rate it 5* with review message. Thanks

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