Halloween Crush – a gameplay type Match 3 & Puzzle


This is a gameplay type Match 3 & Puzzle. Halloween Crush game is a wonderful entertainment which is simple and fascinating with more than 300 challengeable levels.
How to play:

– Arrange 3 or more demons of the same face in straight or horizontal lines.

– The witch appears after all obstacles (colored boxes, ice, locks,…) are broken.

– Get the next level when the witch is moved to the bottom.

Tips: the faster demons you break the higher scores you get

Functions of Halloween Crush:

– nearly 300 different levels and will be update more, attractive, challenge-able levels

– Arrange 4 same demons, which break automatically 1 obstacle by accident and a thump demons appears to destroy all jewels in the same line.

– Arrange 5 same demons, which break 2 obstacles by accident and a magic demon appears to destroy all demons in the same face.

– Break time demons (with clock icon) helps you have more time to play.

Have more fun and wonderful relaxation with Halloween Crush

via Blogger http://bit.ly/20BNdDg


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