Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Rumored for Q4


There’s no doubt that Nokia is eventually going to release a Windows 8 tablet. The latest rumor pins it for a Q4 2012 release. DigiTimes reports a 10-inch tablet with a dual-core processor. The Verge says the processor will most likely be the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, which we previewed during CES.

Nokia tablet 3d1

You can also view brianmfb’s mockup in full resolution right here.

Nokia is expected to outsource production of the 10-inch Windows 8 tablet toCompal Electronics. The first batch of shipments is estimated at 200,000 units.

It’s way too early to get excited for this tablet if it’s expected late in the year. With the new iPad releasing in just a few days, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea for Nokia to wait.


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