Video: Santos vs Barcelona 0-4 All Goals & full highlights (December 18th, 2011)

(Club World Cup final-2011) Barcelona — Santos December 18th, 2011
After sustained pressure from the kick-off, Barcelona made the breakthrough on 17 minutes as Lionel Messi chipped over Rafael after a fine 1-2 with Xavi (video of the amazing back heel ball control). Seven minutes later it was 2-0 as Xavi Hernandez rifled home after Alves had set him up down the right. Just before the break it was 3-0 as Barcelona put together a brilliant attack which featured Lionel Messi refusing to go down and a brilliant back heel, eventually finished off by Cesc Fabregas. (All three Barcelona first half goals.) With eight minutes to go Lionel Messi grabbed number four after rounding the keeper from an Alves assist.


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